Screen-Shot-2014-07-23-at-15.05.02Welcome to my personal website,

Allow me to introduce you to my academy.

The Freedom Lifestyle Academy is a free and friendly community for ordinary people from ordinary backgrounds from around the world.

I have a vision to create a safe and secure future for 600 children out in India by March 5th 2030. I'm grateful that I live a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE that allows me to work on my dream and my vision so that it can come true.

So what does FREEDOM mean to you?

To me personally FREEDOM means living life on my terms, being able to do what I want, when I want, to be able to make a difference in the world by giving back. But it will mean something different for you! To some people, freedom simply means a life that feels good and makes them happy inside not just a life that looks good from the outside.

Creating a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE doesn't mean you have to go into business or even want to go into business. It's just simply about wanting to make a change in your life so that you feel free and happy.

Over the years I've coached young people in schools, colleges and universities. I've coached Business owners and employees. I'm a published author of a self help book called No Excuses No Limits which is on sale in 27 different countries. I do 'Personal Development Coaching - Business Coaching & Image Coaching.' I've worked with ordinary people from around the world and have coached them to live an extraordinary life... I've helped them to create the perfect image for themselves so they too attract the right people into their life so they can live a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE.

I've put the FREEDOM LIFESTYLE ACADEMY together so that I can support, inspire and help you to live a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE and make your dreams come true. I will be sharing everything I've done and keep doing to create a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE for myself and others.

Here's What's Included Inside The FLA

The FLA Mastermind Group | The FLA Bootcamps | The FLA Coaching Programs | The FLA Freedom Project | The FLA Monthly Webinars | The FLA Google Hangouts | The FLA Private Community | The FLA 25% Discount | The FLA Members ONLY Services | The FLA University Access | The FLA Annual Summit.

The FLA is a friendly community of change-makers and visionaries from all backgrounds who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world.

The Freedom Lifestyle Academy will reveal priceless information you need to know to change the dynamics of your life and others forever! The FLA is packed full of hidden insight into a new way of thinking and acting that will effectively and positively transform your life with perpetual success!

This is about harnessing the power of Beyond Wealth.

Our Vision - Our Team

To support you in sharing your message with as many people as possible, which in return will allow you to change lives and live a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE. My team of 90 employees all have the same KICK ASS attitude and passion to get you results.

Listen below to see what my Inner Circle Clients have to say about me...

Giving Back To Charity... why I decided to help.

Every day thousands of children are being treated badly... Are you just watching or do you want to help them? El Shaddai is a registered, non-profit Charity working in Goa and other States in India, implementing the Child Rights Act 2003/05 for orphans, street children and children coming from economically desperate conditions; cared and provided with food, clothing, shelter and education, for a better future.

El Shaddai is enabled to work and save children from lives of poverty and slum dwelling with the support and donations of visitors such as yourself to our website. We encourage you to surf our site, read about us, and discover the different projects we undertake, in order to get a better understanding of the work we do. Homes, SheltersOut-reach ProjectsEducation, are some of the major areas we address in Goa, Nagpur, Karnataka & Kerala.


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