Who is Paul Wakefield?

Paul is a serial entrepreneur from the UK, author of 3 books & #1 bestseller. He's a recognised motivational business speaker & investor. Paul is the Founder & MD of The Wakefield Group Ltd. He runs two of his own businesses and is a Co Owner and investor of #3 UK Startups.

Paul is a 40 year CEO and the founder of the Wakefield Group Ltd. In the last few years, he has become a StartUp Britain Business Champion, a recognised SageUK Business Expert, Motivational Speaker, International Published Author and #1 Best Selling Author. Paul now leads a team of 93 like minded individuals who are all bound by the same passion to kick ass at their jobs and get you results. The Wakefield Group Ltd presence is now felt in Buckinghamshire, Basingstoke, Newcastle and Delhi. But above all, his passion lies in engaging and inspiring the next generation to live a life that they deserve to live.

Aged 16, Paul left school with no qualifications, aged 19 he was told he was dyslexic. He only read his first book at the age of 28. Paul now uses his position to help develop the work he already does to support the growing number of start-ups and SME businesses by organising regular events as well as lobbying his local council on issues facing businesses within the region.

Paul said: "I'm delighted to have been chosen as StartUp Local Champion. I set up my first business in 2007, and now I'm addicted! I want to use my knowledge to help extend the enterprise work I do with start-ups and SME's. Help and support in early stages can mean the difference between long-term success and failure.

Local business community needs all the help and support it can get so it can grown and flourish in these difficult economic times. Being the StartUp Local champion means I can offer advice and guidance as well as encouraging others to have the confidence to consider going it alone and starting the business they have always dreamed of.

Paul left his job as a consultant in 2007 and set up in his back bedroom with an old PC and a tiny printer with only £2.87 in his bank account. Since then he has now become the founder of 5 start-ups across the UK as well as in Delhi.

Since 2009 Paul has been featured in the book called 'The Laptop Millionaire', he has trained over 35,000 people from eleven different countries via webinars, seminars and workshops. In March 2013 he was listed as a top 100 marketer to follow on Twitter and has also become a Sage UK business expert.

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#HumansOfBusiness – live from #SageSummit London today, where @impaulwakefield is attending. We asked Paul, CEO of The Wakefield Group Ltd and Founder of 5 startups, to tell us about his journey into business.

“I started my business because I wanted to live a ‘Freedom’ lifestyle that would allow me to spend time with my loved ones, help others and make a real difference! It wasn’t easy. In fact, my first business venture didn’t work out, within 1 year I had to close the business and make 3 people redundant. At the same time, I also lost a lot in my personal life too…it was the hardest time of my life! But I wouldn’t be defeated. I decided to write my first ever eBook and arranged to do a webinar around this. Just 2 hours after the webinar, I had sold 128 copies of that eBook! This was my first experience to how powerful the internet can be for people.”

“Eight years on, I’m now an #motivational speaker, published author and #1 bestseller. I’ve trained over 32k people from 11 countries. My global business support agency, based in the UK, employs 93 people and offers business consultancy to entrepreneurs, that are on a shoe string budget, to grow bigger, faster and easier – I love to see the results! I also have a home in Goa which I live in for 3-4 months each year and support a child rescue charity in India, where we’ve now rescued close to 10,000 children. My mission is to now create a safe and secure future for 600 children in India by 2030.”

“My advice to #entrepreneurs would be to stay true to your dream and never give up. After a huge set back, I managed to achieve the #Freedom lifestyle I dreamed of. The internet didn’t just change my life, it actually saved my life!”

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